Boiled Greek Coffee For Longevity

Dr Oz says Greek Coffee is can help protect your heart and help you live longer. Also known as Turkish Coffee.

Dr Oz says if you are going to drink coffee, drink this coffee that will help lengthen your life.

It is a powerful blast of antioxidants in a cup.

Chris Kilham says that boiled Greek coffee can help manage your weight, lessen the risk of some kinds of cancer and Type 2 diabetes because it is rich in chlorogenic acids.


In a recent study residents of a Greek Isle that drank 1 cup of Greek Coffee a day saw profound health benefits to their blood vessels and heart.

One of the things that is different is that is boiled.

To prepare Greek Coffee by boiling it, is this special Brik pot. You want to see the foam.


2 cups cold water

2 TSP Greek Coffee

Bring to Boil and Stir

Wait for the foam

Benefits of Greek Coffee